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Past Events

With over 80 games, we launched 2024 with our updated learn to play sessions and our own tier 1 trilogy, the Bloodthorn Saga! Throw in battling Szass Tam and defending the fabled city of Myth Nantar. 

We closed out 2023 by facing off with the Iron baron and we returned to White Plume Mountain.  All the while we broke our previous donation record for the second month in a row.  FOR THE CHILDREN!

For our official return to independent events, we journeyed through both dungeons and dragons, making it our highest donation event to date. In the end, our adventurers stood fast and recovered the lost dwarven artifacts and reclaimed Phlan!

At Con of the North 2023, we embarked on another adventure to the icy Ten Towns and the otherworldly city of Xorvintroth. Our journey also took us to the distant land of Krynn and culminated in epic battles against the minions of Graz’zt in Hillsfar and the treacherous Underdark.

What place could be better to run a Ravenloft epic than the haunted Concord Exchange Building in South Saint Paul?  As the sun settled, spotlights illuminated our DMs as our players dared enter the Domain of Dread: Dementlieu

Stepping into season 9, we battled devils in Avernus once again in the basement of CTK for Infernal Pursuits. Afterwards, the epic, The Red War was

Our inaugural event at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Bloomington, MN featured the epics Ark of the Mountain and Last Call at the Yawning Portal.