Volunteer Reference Guide

Our volunteer reference is designed to be a concise guide to how volunteering with Twinheim is coordinated.

General Event Timeline

  • Twinheim puts out a call for volunteers. This usually happens through social media channels (Facebook, Discord, etc.) and the occasional email. (See “Twinheim Communication” below.)
  • Potential DMs fill out and submit the DM registration form included in the call.
  • Twinheim will reach out to potential DMs to confirm we received the registration form. If you have filled out the DM registration, but do not hear a confirmation from us within one week, please reach out to us on Discord or via the contact form.
  • Twinheim organizers assign tables, modules, and time slots as needed. When the schedule is ready, we will post it in the event’s specific folder and alert all confirmed DMs via email that the schedule (or at least a tentative schedule) is ready to view.
  • DMs prepare to run their assigned modules (including, if necessary, purchasing those modules). If there is an Epic involved, Twinheim will email the Epic information to all the DMs involved in it.
  • Twinheim will ask for volunteers to help with set-up he day before the event,
At Event
  • DMs should arrive at least one hour early (that is, one hour prior to their first session time slot) in order to check-in with Twinheim event organizers and get set up.
  • If the event is an Epic, there will be a brief DM meeting approximately fifteen minutes before the Epic is due to start.
  • DMs will run game(s) according to the schedule appropriately!
  • Twinheim will reach out to volunteers for feedback on the event.

DM Responsibilities

As a DM, your main priorities are: to make sure you’re prepared to run the module(s) you’ve been assigned, to arrive at your scheduled session(s) on time, and to make sure your players have a good time (including enforcing the code of conduct).

You may also be responsible for:

  • Purchasing the module(s) you are running (Wizards makes these available on the Dungeon Masters Guild site)
  • Keeping in touch with Twinheim organizers via email and/or various social media (see “Twinheim Communication” below)
  • Attending one or more brief DM meetings with the Twinheim organizers during the event
    helping players keep track of DDAL rewards and progress

Twinheim Communication

Twinheim maintains three primary forms of communication.


Our Discord server is our most “official” form of internal communication. This is where upcoming events are discussed and where volunteers can chat and ask questions – about Twinheim, DDAL, or D&D in general. It’s a great resource, and is the most likely place you can find specific adventure guidance.


We use email sparingly, but it is fallback for those that do not use discord. Email may also be used to reach out to past DMs and other volunteers when Twinheim is looking for volunteers for a new event.


Our Facebook group (Twinheim DMs and Volunteers) is fairly low traffic, and event information is generally discussed here only after it’s been discussed in the Discord. But it’s still a good place to connect, ask questions, and find answers!

Primary Contacts

Justin King or Chris Dvergsten should be your primary contacts for any sort of issues prior to or during an event. If you have a question at an event, anyone staffing our HQ area should also be able to assist.

Adventure Delivery

If Twinheim is providing your assigned adventure to you (as opposed to you being responsible for purchasing it yourself), we will use Discord to deliver it. (Note: Premier adventures are typically available only a few weeks or less prior to the event.)