Hello, and welcome to Twinheim, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating large-scale gaming events for charity across the Twin Cities!

Thank you for dipping your toes in the water with us as we start our little adventure. Allow me to put into words our long-term goals for this project.

After Con of the North in February 2019, I reached out to Jon to discuss working together to organize the local Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers’ League (DDAL) community in a more consistent fashion. Other than Lodestone Coffee’s epic events, there are few epics being run in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area with consistency. We raised a good sum of money for charity at Con of the North, and by the community, I believe we can do lots of good.

So what is Twinheim? Twinheim is a nonprofit organization formed in order to empower gaming groups with the tools necessary to throw large scale gaming events to raise money for charities. This includes connecting gaming groups to charities, potential sponsors, venues, and game masters. Currently our operations are focused on organizing Adventurers’ League games, but we hope to expand to other game groups as well.

We endeavor to operate with transparency and integrity. Our intention is to donate 80% of funds raised to charity and allocate the remaining 20% towards event budgets. To be clear, Twinheim brand has no intention to use its funds for anything but these events. We wish to create volunteer opportunities for those who want to organize future events, serve as game masters, or help with set-up and tear-down.

We have lots of ideas regarding how to grow these events once we have funds available. From bringing in DDAL admins/authors and Wizards of the Coast Staff to running author only content, as well as arranging appearances from artists and other D&D celebrities. We’re absolutely open to feedback on ways to grow these events. Overall, we’re excited to watch this grow!